Homeless Sick Dog Living Under Cars For 7 Months Is Finally Rescued! OMG!

Aaron was a sick, homeless dog who sought shelter underneath cars for seven whole months. He was temporarily living in the parking lot of a maternity center. The people working at the clinic fed him, but they didn’t know how to truly help the sick dog. Luckily, one of the patients at the clinic noticed Aaron, and because she knew of Hope For Paws through the organization’s famous rescue videos, she knew exactly who to contact for help.

Eldad and Lisa teamed up at the rescue location to try and pull off Aaron’s brazen capture. He was justifiably terrified and disoriented — but around the 4:57 mark, you can see the moment Aaron realizes he’s finally in safe hands. Then, it was off to the hospital for much needed medical care. A few days later, he continued to his foster home to begin his brand new life.

“…Many people out there still don’t have the awareness about the plight of these animals,” Eldad says. “They were never taught that these creatures depend on us for their survival and wellbeing, and so I hope that today you can share Aaron’s video and help us reach as many people as possible all over the world.”

Make sure to watch until the end when another Hope For Paws alumni makes a special guest appearance with an ice cream cone. Cutest moment ever!

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