Instead Of Giving Her A Ticket, This Police Officer Prayed For A Speeding Driver And Her Mom! WOW

When you see that a police or traffic officer has stopped a car for going over the speed limit, what you’d expect is for them to receive a ticket. After all, the law is the law, and people need to keep themselves under the speed limit to guarantee the safety of themselves and of everyone around them. But sometimes, there can be exceptions to be made. In the touching video we brought for you today, we meet Deputy Matthew Brakeman, an officer who stopped RaeAnn Kuykendall for speeding about 10mph over the street’s limit, in the state of Idaho.

When Deputy Brakeman learned the woman’s story, he did something amazing that really reached the bottom of my heart! He realized that the driver’s mother was on the passenger seat, and she was really distressed despite the calm situation. The driver explained that they were on their way to the hospital to see an oncologist because of her mother’s cancer. The officer understood the medical emergency to perfection, because he had lost his mother to cancer himself, so he decided to pray with them for their health instead of giving them a ticket.

You can watch this beautiful act of kindness in the video just below!

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