Krystal’s Square Burgers are a Southern Delight We Miss

Let’s take a trip down memory lane, shall we? Remember those days when we would hang out at Krystal, the iconic southern fast-food joint, munching on those delectable square burgers? Man, that was the life, wasn’t it?

Krystal was founded in Chattanooga in 1932 by Roddy Davenport Jr. and Glen Sherrill and quickly became a beloved part of the local community. I bet you still remember the taste of those five-cent burgers, don’t you? The simple menu of sliders and coffee was a godsend during the Great Depression, offering an affordable meal that didn’t skimp on flavor.

As the years went on, Krystal evolved, adding tasty items like french fries, chili, and milkshakes to the menu. Remember sitting in your car at one of their drive-in style restaurants, laughing and joking as you shared a sack of burgers with your friends? Those were the days, my friend!

Fun fact: did you know that Elvis Presley was a loyal Krystal customer? After his first radio airtime with Memphis DJ Daddyo Dewey Phillips, they went to a local Krystal and handed out sliders to adoring fans. We’ve been eating the same burgers as The King himself!

Krystal continued to grow through the ’60s and ’70s, and while they may have been smaller than McDonald’s or Burger King, they held their own with their unique square burgers and strong regional identity. Those of us who grew up in the South will always have a special place in our hearts for Krystal.

In the ’80s, Krystal launched that unforgettable advertising campaign with Sid, the hyperactive cowboy, and his stick horse, Sheila. We all laughed at the slogan, “When you’ve gotta have a Krystal, you’ve gotta have a Krystal!” And who could forget the zany TV commercials?

Krystal has had its ups and downs over the years, but its dedication to serving up tasty, affordable food in a welcoming environment has always remained strong. As a longtime Krystal fan, you know how much those iconic red and white signs mean to us. And even though the Krystal Lovers Hall of Fame may have disappeared, our love for the brand lives on.

So why not relive some of those great memories by watching the video about the history of Krystal? Go on, treat yourself. And hey, remember to like and share this article with your friends because reminiscing about the good old days is even better when you’re doing it together.

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Krystal\'s Square Burgers are a Southern Delight We Miss