Lab Pup Gets Up-And-Close Meeting With Star Wars Droid. It Was What She Was Looking For.

The “Star Wars” movies are chock full of memorable creatures and droids. Who can forget C-3PO and R2D2? The Ewoks? Jar-Jar Binks? OK, many of us want to forget that annoying Gungan. But the one that stole our hearts in “The Force Awakens” was BB-8, a sphere-like droid that rolled around and had quite the personality. Well, one dog got to see a miniature version of him in her kitchen.

We see a Chocolate Lab named Uva. Her daddy shows her a BB-8 toy. She’s curious about the ball-shaped droid. Then it starts moving around her and she has NO idea what to do. She backs up, tail wagging, ready to have fun. BB-8 zips in circles in the room with Uva giving chase. Then, fortunately, or unfortunately, she catches up with the toy and separates the head from the body, which becomes a new toy.

Uva is having a blast with this BB-8 toy moving around the kitchen. For those that don’t know, the toy is operated remotely by a smartphone app. I’m amazed at how technology is improving over the decades. I remember when I thought that remote-controlled cars were the height of technological advancement. Yeah, that was LONG before the iPhone was even a gleam in Steve Jobs’ eye.

I recently sold my own BB-8 a few months back. Where we live, we have very little bare flood and the rug we have is way too thick. The thought of waiting for another 20 or so years to see if it reached higher valuation just didn’t appeal to me. Hopefully that BB-8 head that Uva is kicking around can be reattached. Otherwise, her mommy and daddy might change her name to Kylo Ren…

Are you a BB-8 person or are you a C-3PO/R2D2 fan for life? Didn’t you think this video was SO cute? Tell us your thoughts down in the comments section!

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