Larry Fleet performs amazing gospel cover of ‘Red Letters’

Larry Fleet delivered a soulful performance of the gospel classic ‘Red Letters.’ He provided his own accompaniment on acoustic guitar.

Blues and Christian music singer Larry Fleet produced a sublime version of the gospel song, ‘Red Letters,’ featuring a simple arrangement and soulful vocal stylings.

Providing his own musical accompaniment with his acoustic guitar, Fleet delivers a powerful message of faith, hope, and redemption.

It is a testimony that will speak to the Christian believers around the country – but the authentic sound will also appeal to a general audience.

Most important, Fleet has the vocal ability to make even well-known gospel songs into his own, creating a unique, gritty sound.

His rendition of ‘Red Letters’ will stand apart because of his remarkable singing talent and musicianship, and it is a sign of good things to come from this gifted performer.

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Larry Fleet performs amazing gospel cover of ‘Red Letters’