A Lion called “Bonedigger” has some other animals in his cage – you won’t believe what they are!

Lions are known for being one of the most feared and deadly beasts on the planet. You don’t get the title “king of the jungle” without being a bad-ass! They very nearly share top-of-the-food-chain with us, and so anything or anyone that ventures into their territory are a very brave creature indeed!

So, this video clip will quite possibly astound you – and have you scratching your head trying to figure out what’s going on! This zoo in Oklahoma decided – for reasons unclear – to introduce four, tiny Dachshund puppies to Bonedigger’s enclosure. With a name like that you might think this to be an extremely bad idea – but who knew that the unlikely pairings would become the best of friends?!

And the carnivorous, super-hunter has taken a particularly strong liking to one of the pups, and the two have become inseparable. The little Dachshund is called Abby, and it’s clear that size doesn’t matter in this situation! Although the mighty Bonedigger dwarfs the pooch, they haven’t let that stop a blossoming friendship. Bonedigger seems to really enjoy the company of all his enclosure buddies!

And not only that, but the zookeeper who enters the den is causing something of a stir on YouTube too. While he appears just as fearless as the puppies, viewers have noticed that he has metal legs – and they’ve been speculating what might have happened. While it is not revealed in the video – we would dearly like to know this brave man’s story too – but sincerely hope that is not how Bonedigger got his name!

It’s astounding to watch a human; a big cat and four pups share the same space – as if it were a completely normal occurrence! Quite why the Dachshunds were introduced into the enclosure is also a mystery – but it seems to be working. At least for now anyway – as one viewer comments that Bonedigger is simply waiting for some ketchup and mustard!

All joking aside, we think it’s awesome that these animals are getting along so well and living in peace – even though they’re completely different and couldn’t be further apart! Maybe it’s a story we could all learn from to exist in a more tolerant society. Animals can really teach us a few things! Watch the video below and enjoy trying to figure out what on earth is going on!