A Man Laid Down With His Adorable Puppy. When You See What They Did Next, You’ll Fall In LOVE!

What the video below shows is probably one of the cutest moments I’ve seen in any viral video, ever. I know it sounds like an exaggerated statement, but you need to trust me on this one. The dog’s parent and caretaker shows how in love he is, and when you see the pup yourself, you’re going to feel just like him! You must know this kind of loving if you’ve ever seen a puppy as cute as this one. Nothing can compare to the innocence and purity that a small and cute dog can show you when they live with you.

This adorable pup is of the Shih Tzu breed, a kind of dog that’s popular for their extreme fluffiness, cuteness, and for being as friendly as a dog can be. It really warms my heart to see clips as compelling as this one, and you’ll soon know why. After the pup’s owner gets on the floor with him, he gets trapped by his unrelenting cuteness! He can’t stop playing with him, and honestly, who could? If I had a puppy like that one I wouldn’t take my eyes off of them for one second!

Enjoy this sweet video right below!

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