Mom shares a game-changing hack for closing cereal boxes

Cardboard boxes drive people crazy when they don’t stay shut, but this mom discovered an innovative way to do it.

Everyone struggles to keep cardboard boxes shut. Some people use rubber bands, clips, or plastic containers to keep the food inside the container from spoiling.

One mom found a kitchen hack and shared it in a Facebook video. By folding the box top in an unusual way, it stays shut.

By folding down 3 of the box top sections, then inserting the flap into the slot on the opposite flap, the box stays securely shut.

Folding the box this way changed the container’s shape from a rectangular prism into a milk carton shape. The folding hack worked well.

Even when she turned the box upside down and shook it, it couldn’t open. The box looked very neat, too. She exclaimed, “My mind’s blown!”