Mother horse depressed when foal Is stillborn – vet’s compassionate answer is lighting up the internet

Giving birth is one of the most fascinating and rewarding things about life, but it can also be the most devastating. Complications in the process can easily arise for all creatures – as well as us humans, and it’s a tragic moment when any living thing loses their baby. As was the case here with Zindita – a former show-jumping mare who lost her foal in spite of the vet’s best efforts. Sometimes, something is just not meant to be.

Dr Patrick Bogan is a horse specialist in the Netherlands, and he was summoned to a farm to assist with a foal delivery. Zindita was no longer leaping the bollards in a show-jumping ground, and she was due to give birth to her first young – but unfortunately, things took a turn for the worst.

It was a troubling birth and while Dr Patrick did the very best he could, it nonetheless resulted in the foal being stillborn. Even with such sadness, Dr Patrick managed to save Zindita’s own life and nurse her back to health. For horses – just like humans – losing a baby can be utterly devastating, and they can enter a potentially life-threatening period of depression. Dr Patrick knew that he had to do something to help the tragic mare.

In an equally unhappy story, at almost exactly the same time, a colleague of Dr Patrick had learned of the birth of another foal, but this time it was the mother who had died. As sad as these events were, it seemed destiny had given Zindita another chance to raise a foal – and the foal another chance at having a mom! Dr Patrick wasted little time in bringing the two animals together.

As the video informs, this can often have negative results – as the mother rejects the new foal in favour of the one she has just lost, or simply doesn’t recognise it as hers and it becomes abandoned. For Dr Patrick – in seeing how much Zindita was hurting – this was well worth the risk as we’re sure you’ll agree. And finally, after all the heartbreak, the story had a happy ending!

Watch this amazing video below of Zindita accepting her adopted foal into her life and we defy you not to shed a tear or two! Horses are incredible creatures – and well done Dr Patrick for not giving up on these animals. Vets are awesome human beings too!