Nobody Believed Mom When She Described Boy And Dog’s Morning Routine, So She Filmed It

There’s no doubt that having a friend at your side makes life a whole lot more enjoyable, even when that friend is a beloved pet. In fact, a lot of people would say it’s especially enjoyable when that friend has four legs! Just waking up in the morning and getting out of your warm and cozy bed is a better experience when you have someone there with you. Thanks to your companion, the day is easier to face and already brighter. This is especially so when your friend is a wonderfully loyal and loving dog.

In the video we’ve posted below, you’ll see the morning routine of a really cute little boy and his adorable dog. People didn’t believe mom’s description of how the inseparable pair started the day, so she decided to film it.

From the moment they wake up, they’re ready to tackle the day. There’s no grumbling, no refusal to get up, and no bogus claims of being too sick to get up. They head downstairs clad in their fabulously color-coordinated pajamas. Yes, the dog wears pajamas, because why not? The boy stands on a crate with the eager dog at his side while he fixes delicious breakfast beverages. Once the drinks are ready, they sit down at a counter to enjoy them, each with his own mug. The cutest thing is that the boy and his dog often strike the same pose while sitting there. This is one talented and well-trained canine! It’s also clear that the two of them have an incredibly special bond.

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