Note to Self: Don’t Ever Give My Cat A Singing Birthday Card

A birthday card for cats that when opened, plays “Happy Birthday” being sung by, well, cats. You would think this would go over great with cats, but apparently not. Apparently, they are quite jealous and want those pesky feline singers out of their house.

Do you celebrate your cat’s birthday? Well, if you’re planning to give him/her a present, maybe you should skip the singing card. Or maybe just get them a singing card with humans singing the “Happy Birthday” song to your cat. Why? Watch the video below and you’ll see how this cat reacts to the singing birthday card. Meet Lulu.

Lulu just hates the singing birthday card! Her humans don’t know why she hates it so much. Maybe she’s annoyed by the sound it makes. In this clip Lulu’s owner opens the card and Lulu immediately perks up. Before he can even sit the card on the floor, Lulu is pouncing on it and tearing at it trying to destroy it! Then after she finally gets the music to stop, she runs away with it, presumably to hide the evidence of her crime!

Seems like Lulu really does find the singing birthday card annoying! Her humans say the card is all torn up now! I’m surprised they could even find it! LOL!

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