An older man gets evicted with 20 adopted strays, then reporters discover who he is!

This man had been living a quiet life in his home for the last 10 years. The neighbors had always thought of him as being a very nice fellow, a little quiet but very nice. One day, however, he got into a dispute with his landlord. This surprised a lot of the people who knew him, but before he could do anything, he was kicked out along with some cats he had adopted.

This story took place in Binghampton. The neighbors were concerned with his and all his cats’ wellbeing. The neighbors thought of a plan to raise awareness on this issue and they contacted WREG, so they could help them get the word out. The reporters arrived there shortly and were amazed at the number of things that were just lying on the street and the curb.

His furniture was scattered around, and everything looked disorganized. He had stuff from all parts of the house, and if you were looking for something, you would probably have a tough time finding it. Titus, the man who was evicted, is hoping to sell as many items as he can before the day for him to leave the premises arrives. Thanks to the news broadcast, the Memphis Animal Shelter got involved and is actively looking for loving homes for all the cats.

Thanks to their assistance, Titus has managed to take the time to take care of his current predicament. Titus acknowledges that he got in trouble because he started to fall behind on his rent payments. Some of the neighbors also filed complaints regarding Titus’s cats. He is a loving person, but if he is not able to afford the rent, he would not be able to properly have that many of cats in his home. When WREG showed up to interview him, he showed them around his possessions and showed them several newspaper articles that gave the reporter an idea of who he really was.

It turned out that he had built an amazing legacy. So, what happened to all of that? How did he end up in such a precarious situation? His classmates back from his days at Memphis Technical School heard of his predicament and knew they had to do something. Titus is remembered as one of the first African American students to attend the institution, which gave him a sort of celebrity status. Unfortunately, being a local celebrity did not keep him from being kicked out of his home along with his cats.

Thanks to everyone’s efforts, Titus was able to move in with his sister, and his fellow students from Memphis Technical raised $1,000 worth of donations to help him get back on his feet. Click on the video for the full story and the amazing conclusion.