At One Thanksgiving Feast, Turkeys Are The Guests Of Honor! You Won’t Believe This!

One of the things everyone looks forward to the most on Thanksgiving is the food, right? Turkey, stuffing, and mashed potatoes. All diets are out the window on this day and everyone enjoys a celebratory feast to give thanks for everything they are grateful for.

Even these turkeys are giving thanks on this day with a feast of their own. Yes, they are in the center of the table, but not for the reason you might think! Farm Sanctuary celebrates Thanksgiving by turning the turkeys loose to have their own feast! This year celebrates 29 years of Farm Sanctuary’s Celebration for the Turkeys.

These turkeys are the guests of honor at this feast of kale salad with cranberries, acorn squash roasted to perfection, and for dessert? Everybody’s favorite! Pumpkin pie! Lots of people come out to help with this special day for these turkeys, and it looks like the kids are having a great time feeding them. People that help with this event start to realize that turkeys have personalities and can enjoy life, just like we do.

But no one is having more fun than these turkeys! Not only do they love to be fed, they enjoy the company and human companionship of this day. People are petting them and even scratching that special spot that they just can’t reach, and they are loving it! Clearly they are very used to humans and are enjoying their special day.

Watch as these turkeys get spoiled on their special Thanksgiving Day. What did you think of this party? Please let us know in the comments section below!

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