When Parents Weren’t Looking, Watch What These Genius Babies Did To Escape From Their Crib!

Babies can get pretty sneaky when they want to. I am sure all you parents out there can relate pretty well to this hilarious clip below! Toddlers are like professionals when it comes to escaping from their cribs. Wait till you see these funny baby footages compiled with the theme music of Mission Impossible. You will be in stitches after watching it!

All of us were kids once. I am sure many of us tried our hands at escaping too! Who could really blame these cute children? Spending your time in a crib is like spending your time in a baby prison! This clip starts with a hilarious message to the viewer, so be sure to read it.

These babies are super clever, and some of them are really strong! They have to be to pull of the escapes they pull off in these videos. The parents must have known what was going to happen and set up hidden cameras to catch these sneaky babies in the act. One is even a baby that can’t even walk yet, and she just squeezes under the baby gate!

Be sure to watch the escape at 1:28. It is the best prion break I have ever seen! You really won’t believe that babies this young can be this clever! I think these parents definitely have some college-bound kids because they are really smart!

Watch this adorable video below! Have you ever been through a similar situation with your kid? Let us know your thoughts about it in the comments section!


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