Paris Is One of the Cutest Internet Kitties Ever And When She Does THIS…. OMG. My Heart Melted!

Meet Paris, an adorable, energetic and super cute kitten. Paris loves to play and she’ll play as long as she can! Watch her play with balls, climb roofs and run around in this heartwarming video!

She’s so cute when she’s on the roof of her cat house, clinging on with her little nails trying not to fall off. I watched that part at least four times! And after all that playing around, Paris is naturally quite tired.

The last part of the video (also my favorite) is absolutely amazing. With a close-up on Paris, we witness Paris starting to drowse off and fall asleep. Watch that part again!

Did this video lighten up your day? I bet it did! You can’t help but fall in love with Paris. If you have any cat-lovers as friends, make sure to pass this video on to them. And finally let us know what you thought of Paris in the comments below!

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