This Poor Dog Lived His Entire Life Chained To A Tree. But Then These Kind People Saw Him and WOW!

Winters can be hard on dogs that are permanently out in the open. Many of these poor creatures are chained up too, to stop them from escaping to scout around for a better, kinder place.

This is not only harmful for the dogs’ body and longevity, but it also proven to affect their psychological and mental health as well. Dogs and in fact all animals can, just like us, experience stress and trauma to unbearable degrees.

Luckily for those dogs that they have already been able to help, “Fences for Fido” has been set up as an animal care sponsored program where dogs are built a dedicated and spacious fenced area so that they can roam free without any leash. Just imagine how that must feel to a dog that’s never felt anything other than cramped up and endured a constant pulling from a collar.

Many dogs are crate trained or kept in chains so that their humans can keep them in control. Some crate-trained dogs spend far more time in crates than they do out of them. Crates are also often used as a doggy ‘naughty step’ without the dog having a clue why they are being restricted.

These gorgeous, deserving dogs might never have got a chance to roam around with freedom and happiness on their own, had it not been for “Fences for Fido”. It’s a program that provides a beautifully big area for these dogs to be unleashed and guarded properly during the winter seasons.

The area is made out of an exclusive material for insulating every single doghouse that has a space there.

Watch this amazing initiative below! What are your thoughts about crates an chains? Share them with us in the comments!

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