They Reunited That Baby Elephant With His Worried Mama. I Was Moved When I Saw Her Reaction!

Parents love their children with all their heart. Their love for their child is unbeatable. Whenever they see their baby girl or boy in sorrow and agony, they suffer along with them. This fact stays true for every parent, from humans to tiny cats to giant elephants. And this video proves it!

Around 2012, Kenya Wildlife Service and the Amboseli Trust for Elephants saved a five day old elephant from a muddy pond where there used to be a swamp. The first thing they had to do was ward off the worried herd. So the baby’s mother, Zahava and the herd watched from the sidelines.

The baby could easily get in the pond, but she was too small to climb out over the slippery sides. A big elephant would have no problem just stepping out of the muddy water. So after the herd was chased away, these rescuers got busy saving this baby. Two of the men got in the pond and put straps around the baby, while others stood on the bank, prepared to pull the baby out.

After some trying, they were able to pull the tiny elephant out and reunite him with his mom. The baby seemed a little bit disoriented after coming out of the water, so a woman pushed him off in the right direction, and mama soon came running. She’s huge! She looks back as if to say thank you while holding her baby close.

The mama elephant looks so relieved and grateful. She keeps on looking back at the humans as if show how thankful she is! Watch this amazing video below and let us know your thoughts about it in the comments!

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