They said a dog was barking up on the mountain. An animal lover had to check

Trinity Smith of Colorado heard some rumors about a barking dog up on a nearby mountain. Given the desolate the landscape and harsh conditions, it seemed somehow unlikely that there could really be a desperate dog up there. Surely it was just a coyote — although coincidentally, a dog had gone missing a few weeks earlier. As a dedicated animal lover, Trinity felt obliged to put on her hiking boots and find out for sure.

Once Trinity was up on the mountain, she heard the unmistakable sound of a dog barking somewhere in the distance: nobody had been hearing things and it definitely wasn’t a coyote. She couldn’t tell what direction the barking was coming from and as sunset approached, she had to head home before it got dark out. The next day, Trinity and her friend Sean Nichols hiked up the mountain and took turns calling for the dog as loudly as they could. They kept at it for three hours but with no luck. Just when they were ready to give up, they heard barking and this time, it was clear what direction it was coming from.

When Trinity and Sean hustled over, they found a shockingly thin dog lying on the ground, clinging to a large rock. It was hard to imagine the poor dog would have lasted much longer if they hadn’t found her that day. They carefully carried the dog to the car and put out the word on social media. They were still on their way to a pet store to get dog food when they heard from someone whose 14 year-old dog Chloe had been missing for six weeks. This was their dog and there was a very emotional reunion right there in the pet store parking lot! The incredible thing is that an older dog like Chloe not only survived the ordeal, but regained her weight and made a full recovery.

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