Tanya Tucker & Tom Jones cover ‘Help Me Make It Through the Night’

Tanya Tucker was a country music prodigy who became famous at age 13. Her first hit song was “Delta Brown,” which made her a celebrity, and there was no looking back after that for the young singer. The Texas-born country music star had sung several hit numbers during her career.

One of her classic duets, “Help Me Make It Through the Night,” with Tom Jones, had recently gained much attention. It was due to the fantastic chemistry between the two singers on stage. Kris Kristofferson originally composed the song as a country music ballad for his album Kristofferson.

The song even earned Kristofferson a Grammy in 1971. Tucker and Jones performed the rendition onstage in front of a huge crowd. The two complemented each other onstage and seemed comfortable while performing the song together.

Jones’s deep voice did justice to the original song. It was tough to imagine anyone else singing the song apart from these two talented singers. Both of them singing together sounded like a force of nature. This was indeed one of the best duets by these two legends.

These classic tunes were breathtaking and would take you back to the era of melodious music. The incredible performance melted the hearts of millions of fans worldwide. The beautiful melody and mind-blowing performance by Tucker and Jones made the song an everlasting masterpiece.

The song had several notable covers by various celebrated singers, such as Elvis Presley & Willie Nelson. However, this duet was unique. Kristofferson got the inspiration for the song when he saw one of Sinatra’s interviews and was asked what he believed in. The singer replied, “Booze, broads, or a bible…. whatever helps me make it through the night.”

The song’s lyrics spoke about a man’s yearning for intimacy with his lover. The music was grooving, and the way Jones interacted onstage with Tucker was as if he was trying to woo her. He sounded confident. On the other hand, Tucker was shy, calm, and composed. Her singing was definitely gifted, and their duet was mind-blowing.

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Tanya Tucker & Tom Jones cover \'Help Me Make It Through the Night\'