Terrified cow started crying non-stop when she found out where she was going. But then? OMG!

It’s wrong to think that animals don’t have feelings like humans. It has been shown that animals also feel very complex emotions. Whenever you see a cat or dog in need, your heart probably goes out to them and you feel the need to help them. But does this compassion extend to other animals too? And if not, is it really fair?

This video shows the heart touching story of Emma the cow. The dairy farm that kept her was closed down, and she was about to be taken away for slaughter. The terrified cow couldn’t help but break into tears. I was shocked to see tears running down a cow’s eyes! She knew what was going to happen to her.

But thankfully, some kind people intervened. This clip shows the efforts of a special organization to rescue these cows. They believe these cows did not become irrelevant after the farm closed and that they deserved to be saved. At the beginning of this clip, there is a close up of Emma’s tears and her eyes wide with fear. Her mouth is tied shut with a rope. It heartbreaking to see the tears in her eyes.

But Emma was rescued and taken to a farm where she is free to roam, something she had never experienced before. She is also living with a herd for the first time. When she is introduced, the other cows come running to inspect this newcomer. At first, Emma shies away, but Emma is now living happily on the farm with her new herd.

There are English subtitles to help you understand what is happening as the video is in German. Some of the subtitles are quite funny, so pay attention!

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