“The Poor Man’s Feast” – A Recipe From A 94-Year-Old Grandma Who Lived Through The Depression

The Great Depression taught society many key lessons. The 1930’s struggle bred ingenuity and creativity in families as they did everything possible to save money. Here are fifteen lessons that everyone can use to this day – must-know frugal living tips from the Great Depression, and a timeless recipe for the taste sensation of a lifetime.

From cooking at home to repurposing clothing and household items – Debt Free Dana has fifteen tips that’ll have you living cheaper and greener. Down-to-earth living becomes easy when you keep this insight from the ’30s in mind. One of the best parts of this useful share is the recipe from a 94-year-old who survived the Great Depression. Her “The Poor Man’s Feast” is a must-try for any frugal household or otherwise.

The fifteen frugal living tips supplied here may originate from the Great Depression, but they’re as relevant today as they ever were. Frugal does not mean cheap, but you can look forward to savings that span the whole household, and tips to save you time. Live smarter by following the practical insight shared here.