This Sweet Baby Elephant Giggles With Joy When She’s Playing

Visitors to the Maevang Elephant Home in Thailand were treated to a special moment when a baby elephant began giggling during playtime. Running around in joy, the tiny elephant couldn’t help but laugh whenever she got the chance to play with her toy, or encounter the visitors coming to say hello to her.

A baby elephant living at the Maevang Elephant Home in Chaing Mai, Thailand, is getting attention for an unusual trait. She loves playing with her plastic laundry basket so much she giggles during playtime. The tinkling laughter is rare for elephants, but you can hear how happy she is as she runs around joyously.

The Maevang Elephant Home is a travel destination for people around the world that want to spend time cuddle, feeding, and swimming with elephants. Opened in 2016, Maevang is home to a dozen elephants, each eager to play with guests. The babies are particularly cute, and this little giggler is by far the most adorable.