A Three Legged Pit Bull Adopts A Litter Of Kittens. What Happens Next? This Is Heart-warming!

Dog and cat videos are one of the most amazing things you can find on the internet. Maybe it’s because of the stereotype that shows them against one another, but watching these two adorable animals together never fails to amaze me. This video features a 5 year old three legged pit bull named Bella who has lovingly adopted a litter of orphaned kittens!

Many people are still biased towards pit bulls thinking them to be brutal and violent. But I am sure if they get a chance to watch a video as heart-warming as this, they are going to love them too! Bella has taken it upon herself to nurture, clean and keep the tiny furballs cozy and safe. It is very clear to see that the kittens also love their foster parent in return. What an adorable family!

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