Two unwanted animals become best friends: one is a puppy, the other a cow!

Friendship knows no boundaries, not even the line between species. An abandoned puppy named Sri Ram and his friend Bernie the calf are perfect examples of that. Each was unwanted by his original owner but then found each other after being rescued and brought to an animal sanctuary.

Bernie was born on a dairy farm and because of his gender, the owners had no use for him. They looked into selling him, but it became apparent that he would most likely end up on a fast track to the slaughterhouse. Not wanting him to face such a terrible fate, the dairy farmers got in touch with Juliana Castaneda, who runs Juliana’s Animal Sanctuary near Bogota, Colombia. They figured she might be able to provide a good home for Bernie and sure enough, she agreed to take him in. As Juliana pointed out, because he wasn’t going to be with his mom, “It was not a 100% happy ending, but at least he will get to live a full life of freedom.”

Sri Ram was one of four puppies Juliana found roaming around on the street. She didn’t think she’d be able to arrange a rescue, but after a night spent tossing and turning, she got out of bed at 5:00 am and went back to the area she’d seen them. After a bit of detective work, she tracked down the puppies’ owner. That person didn’t care what happened to them, so Juliana went ahead and brought them to her sanctuary. She found forever homes for three of them, but kept Sri Ram.

It wasn’t long after Bernie the calf and Sri Ram the puppy met that became best friends, totally inseparable. They play together outside for hours on end and after tiring themselves out, go inside to snuggle. Juliana describes them as thinking of themselves as fellow dogs not as separate species.

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