Watch This Homeless Dog’s Amazing Transformation!

Dog lovers and dog owners alike will agree that our furry four legged friends are some of the kindest and sweetest creatures to walk this earth. After all, there is a reason why they are known as man’s best friend. With all the love and affection our canine pals give us, why would anyone want to hurt them? A homeless dog in Romania was found down on his luck, in the worst of ways.

Luc a The Dog was found homeless and crying in the outskirts of the country, it turns out that the canine had been abused, tied to a car, and dragged along. He was beaten and extremely injured all over his body, with his tail completely and utterly damaged. Luckily, the dog was found before it could get any worse and was taken to a vet clinic, receiving proper care.

Watch Luca’s Journey to recovery!

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