Woman Reunites With Rottweiler Best Friend at Shelter After 2 Years Apart

Rottweiler and Owner Reunited

A loving rottweiler Bella arrived at the Humane Society of Chittenden County in Vermont after her owners couldn’t afford to pay for surgery. The poor dog had a torn cranial cruciate ligament (CCL), causing excruciating pain and lameness in the legs. This is when a local vet stepped in to do the surgery for free.

As soon as she had undergone the life-saving procedure, Bella was put up for adoption in the hopes that she’d find a good home to recover in. Within just a short while, the Humane Society received a phone call from a lady by the name of Jenn who believed that Bella was her dog lost in a troublesome divorce two-years back.

The reunion of this dog and its original, loving owner rewards one with an overwhelming show of emotions. Neither Bella the rottweiler nor her long-lost owner Jenn could stay away from each other, with tears flowing from the eyes of this young woman. Reunions like this are the reason that so many people devote their lives to helping others.