These military family reunions will make you smile

Tear-filled reunions were captured on video as military personnel surprised their families with unexpected returns.

In this compilation of heartfelt and exciting reunions, military personnel surprised their families by returning unexpectedly from active duty.

Rather than simply show up at the door, they decided to have a little fun and create a memory that their family members would never forget.

Whether it was showing up at their child’s school, appearing by surprise during a basketball game halftime show, or sneaking into family photos, these military personnel knew how to create a lasting moment.

The reactions from their family member are priceless, ranging from the shocked to the excitement to the completely overwhelmed by positive emotion, and the tears flowed freely in this compilation.

It is exactly the types of moments that restore our faith in the goodness of the world, and not only the families but the audiences around them were crying tears of joy.

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